Thursday, November 18, 2010

Naqugun Arnartaq

"Naqugun Arnartaq" translated into english is from the central Yupik language is woman's belt. Why is it not just belt, because in the old days before colonialism here in Alaska the belt was used only by women. The belt today would be easily explained as a puberty belt, because when a girl first started her menstration cycle she was customed to use a belt that represented her womanhood. The belt was not worn daily by the women, they were special times when they had to wear it, such as when a girl first start her menstration cycle, during her marriage ceremony, after giving birth, and in some cases if a woman had a miscarriage she had to wear the belt. The belt was in some ways thougth of as a healing technique when a woman had a miscarriage and after she gave birth. Wearing a belt was very significant in a yound lady's life because it represented her entering womanhood.

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